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Tuesday 19/09/2023

Dear Customer,

Behind every successful business there is always a woman.
With their creative ideas and a strong will to achieve their goals! Thank you. For several months I have been working with hoa in the success of Weena Trading Asia Investment.
A branch of our trading platform.
for retail traders. Our goal is to increase the turnover in the next few months! For this purpose we have built a website where customers can get information on
about our products and services such as customs clearance of various goods. Such as coffee, sugar, dragon fruits. Today I am focusing on a new product to export frozen grape fruits from Vietnam to Dubai. We work in small teams, which has the advantage of short information paths and the focus on new customer advertising. Our strategy is simple and efficient. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products and come back to us again and again! And for this we put every lever in motion that we have at our disposal. Also our branding gets more and more importance in the future. Our new logo radiates a dynamic and seriousness for our customers. Also it is important for us to be a strong partner for our producers, because they produce all these good products for us. For questions and suggestions follow us on
or send me an e mail

Thanks Best regards

Stefan Wooning

Business Director



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