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Weena Trading Asia Investment News Blog

Dear customer,

We usually start the day with a warm soup, sometimes a fish soup or a chicken soup. This gives me a lot of strength and energy for the whole day. Afterwards I drink Egg Cafe with Hoa and then we work in the cafe. Next comes the day in the office where we continue to process customer inquiries. Our Cinnamon offer: 15 tons of cinnamon at $5.60 per 1kg. Original from Vietnam. The stick is located in Dubai. For further information please contact us. Whatsapp 0031684905878. Our website has been greatly improved and now starts much faster. Every day our network, the telephone and ours, grows e-mail mailboxes are becoming more and more important. We are currently looking for various fish products for our customers in Vietnam. You are welcome to contact us on WhatsApp 0031684905878. Our customers receive the best service from us and in return we receive a lot of trust from our customers Customers. We hope you like our blogs, which I try to write in a transparent and informative way. If you have any further questions, please feel free to write to us at All the best Stefan Wooning Business Director

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