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Stefan Wooning Business Director Weena Trading Asia Investment LTD

Weena Trading Asia Investment LTD Blog

In recent weeks we have convinced more and more customers of our service and sales in the food sector.
Our website is very popular on the international
food market. We try to help our new customers as soon as possible with offers and further information.
Unfortunately this can sometimes take longer than we would like. The communication between us and the producers we try to keep as short as possible. Our core business at the moment is chicken feets, sugar, coffee and cinnamon. We are also looking for a sales manager for Hanoi, Vietnam. If you are interested
please feel free to send an application video to s.wooning@weenatrading. We want to be more visible on online platforms and social media in the future. I promise you I will also answer your questions on FB messenger! And I will be happy about a positive feedback.

All the best

Stefan Wooning

Business Director

Weena Trading Asia Investment


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