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In march we was visiting a Tea farm in Vietnam a new production place was a opening ceremonie. We was invited from the farmers to visit them for the new opening all tea farmers around this area was coming. I spoke with a tea farmer he grow his tea plants 2000m high in the montains in Vietnam. It was embarend to see how many knowledge this farmers have about tea really experts in his works! They

A Journey to Exceptional Tea: A Vietnamese Farm Story

A Journey to Exceptional Tea: A Vietnamese Farm.

growing every year in productions and new kind of tea taste. They celebrated everyday to work on this farm ground to produce this high quality product. It is very nice to see how emotional the farmers talking about the tea and how they make this end class product and how they working together on this succes story. Amazing also later the dinner with this people in a group we was eating traditional Viet Nam food. And we got Wodka for drinking to make new friends on the dinner table. It is for me a anor to know this farmers and can do business with them. We building on our friend and business relation ship with trust and friendship.This time was going very quickly sitting together and lissen what they have to say and talking about possibilities in the future. I want say this tea is very special for tea lovers around the world! This taste from tea you can only find in this area where the nature and human act together. The combinations weather with enough rain, blue sky and green nature give you the right spirit.

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